School Secretary — Ms. Euphrosyne McKenzie

Ms. Euphrosyne McKenzie was born and raised in Seward, Alaska. Shortly after converting to the faith in 1999, she moved with her family to beautiful Oregon. Struggling through a homeschooling program for her kindergarten age son, she was super excited to hear talk of an Orthodox school opening and jumped at the opportunity to enroll him that first year. Ms. McKenzie volunteered to administer ASA’s website and helped publish the school newsletters, later taking on more and more secretarial duties as the school grew. Agia Sophia Academy was a true blessing; her son soared academically. As her daughters reached enrollment age, they too loved attending ASA, and this fueled Ms. McKenzie’s desire to be continuously involved in this wonderful ministry. In 2008, she officially became a member of ASA’s staff and cherishes every minute of it. While her 3 children have all since graduated from ASA, her zeal for this fabulous educational program remains strong, and she looks forward to many more years of watching students as they too discover the building blocks to create a solid foundation for their futures.

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