Learning rhythm, pulse, & notes

We believe music is core to fully educating the person; therefore students receive music instructions 3 days a week. Classes include dance/movement, theory, history, and application through writing and playing instruments. Students acquire these skills using art songs, classical music, Orthodox music, and American Folk Songs.

We believe, as Zoltán Kodály believed:

  1. Music is necessary for the development of the total man.
  2. Music is the birthright of every child, not just the musically gifted.
  3. Music and culture are preserved through music study; therefore, children are to become musically literate by reading and writing the music of their own culture.
  4. By becoming immersed in the elements of music, students become discerning listeners.

The Kodály approach to music education is child-centered and taught in a logical, sequential manner, training musicianship and providing an understanding of the world of music through the experience of singing and the use of instruments, including the keyboard, various percussion instruments and the Baroque recorder.

Music Informances

Girls signing during the Christmas Pageant

Each year our children participate in different ways of demonstrating what they have learned in music. Each Christmas brings a Christmas Pageant and concert; each spring, the students present an informance demonstrating cumulative skills learned throughout the year.