Education at Agia Sophia Academy

Agia Sophia Academy is an Orthodox Christian school located in Beaverton, Oregon, across from the Nike campus on Walker Road.

Enroll your child in our Montessori Primary Program or our Multi-age Elementary Program. Students in both programs are taught the Orthodox Christian faith both directly and indirectly. Scroll below to learn more about our Faith and Character Development curriculum.

Our mission is to educate the whole child by providing a rich academic and arts curriculum, grounded in Orthodox Christian values, while fostering love of learning, personal responsibility and respect for each person.

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Find out more information about our programs or our Faith and Character Development by visiting ASA in person!

Faith and Character Development

Students in the Montessori and Elementary programs are taught the Orthodox Christian faith both directly and indirectly. The curriculum follows the sequence of important Old Testament stories as well as the cyclical feasts of the church. Teachers provide a narrative focus, supplement with picture books, appropriate literature, activities, bible memory verses, and icons. Students participate in short prayer services every day as well as attending Liturgy once a month. Local clergy visit ASA each month and present a faith topic to the children. In addition to curriculum, children are presented with the opportunity to embrace faith and Christian life at ASA. Classroom teachers integrate faith into the classroom; problem solving techniques, group dynamics and personal accountability all reflect moral teaching.
The Love and Logic program by Jim Fay and Foster Cline has become the backbone of our discipline approach at ASA. It is not isolated from our core beliefs but rather fleshes it out in the way in which discipline issues are dealt. Children are approached with loving empathy, just as Christ does with us. Rather than focus on an action-consequence response to negative behavior, children are helped to see what they are not doing correctly, take responsibility for their behavior or lack of it, and plan out how they intend to improve themselves. Each child learns he or she is loved through patient guidance, toward becoming a responsible person who thrives when he or she solves the problem created. With our Love and Logic program, students develop age-appropriate responsibility, self-concept and demonstrate character development as they progress though the classes at Agia Sophia.
Social development, study skills, and personal responsibility are a big part of our life here at ASA. One of the ways we help children to develop in these areas is by incorporating the discussion and teaching of executive function skills into the classroom. “Executive function skills enable us to navigate through everyday life by helping us organize, plan, and mange life tasks. They are the skills necessary to execute task. Executive function skills can be defined as frontal lobe functioning responsible for higher-level cognitive abilities and cognitive control. (Cooper-Kahn & Dietzel, 2008).”