What better way to share our ASA Family than to include some testimonials for others to learn more about our wonderful school.

Agia Sophia Academy provides a place for children to learn, to grow and be nourished in an environment that puts the child at front center. Whether we are guiding the individual child toward a new skill or giving him a strategy, we do so with utmost respect and appreciation for their unique personhood. Hear what our parents are saying…

“Our daughter is currently in the Montessori Program and her teachers are an absolute blessing. There are no words to explain our gratitude towards the teachers and staff at Agia Sophia. The time they put in with all the children to prepare them not only for future schooling but being kind and loving people.”

“Thank you so much for welcoming our family, enriching our daughter’s mind and spirit, and for sharing the love of Christ in what you do here in this community.”

“We have witnessed this fine treasure and worthy ministry blossom into the fine Orthodox Institution that it is today! Agia Sophia Academy plants the seed of Orthodoxy in our youth.  These fortunate children are the future of our Church and a true testament that Orthodoxy is alive in Portland. It is a blessing to have our grandsons enrolled in the school.”

“You created a beautiful safe and loving environment for our children to learn”

“Being a child of a teacher, education has always been valued highly in our family. At Agia Sophia Academy I can say with confidence that they do as well. My son has learned so much at ASA. It is an amazing environment that not only encourages learning but also establishes a deep understanding and respect for God and for Orthodoxy.”

“Thank you for the love you show our children every day!  We are so blessed to have you all in our lives!”

“All of the teachers and staff at Agia Sophia are a blessing to the children and families here.  We couldn’t be a better school.  You ALL are appreciated for your talents and gifts.”

“We are grateful for all you do for our children—above and beyond the nurturing education.”

“Thank you so much for all the help and support. Our son loves coming to school every day and learned so much!  He helps around the house with chores, he knows some Greek, and he sings songs….”

“It has been a joy for me to see the progression from Montessori to third grade. The wonderful early education has allowed our girl to excel in reading, writing, and math. It is also a joy to see our young one already start to read, and do math. In addition to all this, the rich education with Faith, Greek, Latin, Music, and Physical Education allows the girls to have exposure to so much, and enrich their education. Hearing the girls sing, dance, do P.E. exercises, and tell me wonderful stories about saints, bible verses, and chanting are amazing! This makes my day every day! The teachers and staff at ASA are very talented, loving, supportive, and are very much respected by our family. My folks who live far from us, often comment on how wonderful the girls education must be. From having discussions with girls they are able to tell that their education is very rich.”

From Montessori Orientations / Observations:

“Thank you for allowing me to observe!  The quiet attentiveness of the children was lovely to see; as is the respect the teachers show the children. It is a very beautiful and orderly environment.  The children are industrious and focused and the teachers’ attention to their needs.  I can see that children thrive here.” ~ Prospective Parent Ovservation

“This was the best orientation I have attended. It’s so wonderful to see what my daughter does at school and more importantly how she does it. There is so much in each lesson; it is even surprising to me! I just love this program and the two wonderful and loving teachers. Thank you both so much.” ~ An ASA Parent

“We loved the session tonight and the attention and focus taught–it was a big eye opener into the world of Montessori. We already were very happy with our decision to join, but after tonight we are even more overjoyed. We can’t wait to see the gradual changes in our daughter due to the attention and care you are giving to her.” ~ An ASA Parent

“My older son was in a Montessori program in Minneapolis and he has been gifted in math and physics since. This is something I attribute to the grounding in math he received. I like the meticulous approach for young kids.” ~ An ASA Grandparent

“I loved that these lessons teach patience and reasoning. Thank you for sharing this with us.” ~ An ASA Board Member

“I have been with ASA since January 2010. Prior to working at ASA, I served as a Montessori teacher and substitute in many schools in the Portland area and in Phoenix, Arizona. In my time at ASA, I have observed both an appreciation for diversity and a warm inclusionary dynamic among teachers and students. It is a healthy environment for all to learn and succeed in. ASA is a strong Christian Orthodox faith-based academic school, and as a devout Hindu I have felt mutual respect from the community and have found it easy to adapt to the richness of the setting. Our mission statement is just not a placard on the wall. It is taken very seriously by all members of the community, so that social, spiritual, and emotional health is considered as important as academic growth.
 A small private school with strong family and faith-based values focusing on life skills for our future children–that is our ASA!!” ~ An ASA Teacher