Our mission is to educate the whole child by providing a rich academic and arts curriculum, grounded in Orthodox Christian values, while fostering love of learning, personal responsibility and respect for each person.

Personal Responsibility

  1. I demonstrate a strong work ethic and studious behavior and am able to organize my work and self.
  2. I take responsibility by solving problems on my own and asking for help when needed.
  3. I demonstrate responsibility through motivation and self-direction in my learning.
  4. I am attentive and loyal to tasks and lifelong learning.
  5. I recognize and develop my strengths and work on my growth areas.

Love of Learning

  1. I view my experiences as opportunities for learning and growing in my spiritual and academic life.
  2. I extend curiosity towards learning and show that I know how to think.
  3. I communicate effectively as a strong writer and speaker.
  4. I value and practice fine arts and foreign languages.
  5. I work well both individually and collaboratively.
  6. I use a variety of resources to find answers.

Community and Respect

  1. I strive to express myself in a respectful manner, behaving with humility toward creation and other people.
  2. I am able to listen to others and respond to them in an appropriate, empathic manner.
  3. I respectfully give and receive feedback [which is the cornerstone for growth.]
  4. I am able to think and talk about important issues with humility and confidence. (i.e. without arrogance or fear of being wrong.)

Orthodox Christian Values and Faith

  1. I gain knowledge of teachings of the Orthodox Church.
  2. I take joy in God’s creation and practice good stewardship of the environment.
  3. I apply that knowledge to my growth as a person in the areas of self-awareness and values.
  4. I participate in and value prayer in daily life.
  5. I model God’s love and show care for others.
  6. I demonstrate integrity and refine my judgment through the application of Christ’s commandments